Welcoming another new member: Lyn Parker Haas and her exquisite pine needle baskets and jewelry!


Saxtons River Artisans Welcomes Photographer Jack Brayton

Saxtons River Artisans welcomes photographer Jack Brayton to the gallery. Jack is a wildlife photographer who has traveled through North America these past three years visiting many National Parks. His photographs include wildlife subjects in their own habitat.
Being respectful, he uses high-powered cameras and lenses so as not to disturb his subjects.

In addition to having his images on various media for sale in galleries – and his work displayed in three venues in Florida – River Artisans is pleased to have several of his beautiful photographs for sale at our shop.
He is a currently a member of the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, FL and participates in the National Geographic continuing education programs. Jack has family residing in Saxtons River and while staying in the area during June, July and August – plans to work part time at River Artisans. We know you will enjoy his beautiful artistry and perhaps will have an opportunity to meet him this summer. Jacks website is:

New Member Allison Ounanian

Saxtons River Artisans welcomes new member Allison Ounanian. Allison has worked in a variety of media over the last 30 years including painting, pottery, and pen and ink. Currently working in high fire stoneware, Allison hand builds functional and decorative pieces in white and brown clay, glazing and firing out of Brattleboro Clayworks.

She is particularly interested in surface design. Working full time as a tech writer, Allison finds it hard to make all the time she needs to build in clay. She is also partial to taking ash and cherry saplings from her property and painting them in bright colors and varnish for use in the garden to stake climbing plants. The “quirky sticks in the year-round landscape are delightful to watch”, she notes. Allison has spoken fluent French for 50 years and was a US State Department Level 5 francophone “back in the day,” she laments. “Love of gardening and the outdoors and a steadfast sense of the absurd inform my outlook and art.”